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SR Bat Company is a wood bat manufacturing company that formally began in mid 2017, however the bat making process began long before that at the hands of Scott Rodges. Through over 30 years of hands on wood working experience, and a passion for the game of baseball, Scott Rodges developed a premier top of the line bat at all various specifications which exceed the needs and desires of every baseball consumer. Scott Rodges has poured years of design and manufacturing development into creating what is becoming one of the industry’s most envied bats. SR Bat Company was formed with three core principles in mind: hand-crafted design, big-league quality, and faith-based purpose. It is with these three core attributes that we have been able to make such quick strides in our development and recognition across the wood bat market. The first official bat shop was completed and turning out bats beginning in August of 2017 in Keller, Texas. In just 4 short months SR Bats was able obtain the designation of being a big league supplier, speaking to the immediate recognition of quality of product and driven nature of co-founders Tony and Scott Rodges.


Scott Rodges


"These guys make one of the highest quality finishes in the business. They have executed every custom design idea I have ever brought to them with tremendous detail and skill."

- Michael C.

"I love the personal touch that the SR Team puts into each one of my bats!!"
- Travis S.


Tony Rodges


"SR Bats have an unmatched POP! Their bats produce a sound that is totally different than any other bat I have ever swung."
- Mark R.



Ben Ruby


Jeff Simpson


Randy Mayne